Close Call Academy

03 27CC Instructor School

Instructor School will solidify your understanding of the Close Call MethodTM, Predator MethodsTM and other advanced level materials and will give you the tools you need to begin to teaching as a Certified Close Call Instructor. 

This 3-day course is available by invitation to those that have completed the Basic and Advanced Courses. You will have over 100 cases in your case journal and a minimum of 40 hours of case study by the time you are certified. 

This is a money-making opportunity as well.  As an instructor, you may teach online at our Academy or in-person locally to make others safer. 

This course is offered in Cedar Park, Texas, Date TBA.   

Scholarships available.*

Pre-Requisite: Must be Basic and Advanced Certified with 90% or better test scores to attend Instructor School. Public Safety Officials must have Advanced Certification with a 90% or better. 

Reading Material: 27 Close Calls Book Buy it at

*The retail price is $495, but a scholarship is currently offered of $300 in return for teaching 12 classes at the Academy ($25/class) or two basic certification classes.

Please contact to find out more. 

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