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02: 27 CC Serious Crimes (advanced personal safety using the Close Call Method™)

CSI enthusiasts love this course. This advanced level course focuses on serious crimes. The 3-5 cases discussed are intense and require detailed analysis. A legal primer accompanies this training session so that you will know how to find out how the law works in your state; all states are different and it is to your benefit to know the law of your land. All advanced 27 CC classes escalate your understanding of SFV tactics and the Close Call Method increasing your level of personal safety. 

Pre-Requisite: The Basic Certification must be completed prior to taking this course. Public Safety Officials may take this without Basic Certification but must be approved by the Academy.

Class Logistics: This is a 3-hour online class held as a live meeting using Webex meeting software.

Class Dates: For maximum efficiency, classes are scheduled based on user registration. When we reach our registration minimum, we will contact all registered students with two possible class dates. The date with the most number of available attendees will be the date of the class. If that date doesn't work for you, you will go to the next round. Currently, we hold 1-2 classes per quarter, but if there are more registrations, we will increase the number of classes held.

Purchase = Registration: When you purchase this course you are registering for a seat in the class. You will receive an email from Close Call Academy with the links you need to gain access to the online learning platform, Litmos.

Joining the Live Class: When the live class date is decided, you will receive an email that you have been Session Registered. This email will contain everything you need to join the meeting but you can also log into Litmos to get the information. It is advisable to show up at least 15 minutes early in case there are technical issues. If you show up late or are having technical issues, you may be expelled from the class and can join another one at a later date. 

Reading Material: We recommend you buy the book for this course which you can purchase at or here: Buy 27 Close Calls Book. This book is your Safety-from-Violence™ guide and you will need it if you plan to take any advanced courses. If you do not want to buy the book, the case bundle is available for this course for $14. Buy the cases here: Case Bundle.

This is serious business but our students tell us it is also seriously fun to learn how to outsmart predators. Remember...EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE SAFE!

If you are already on the team or cannot afford this course, please contact us at We have other options available. 

Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use: By purchasing and/or participating in this course, you agree to use and adhere to the principles and rules of "Strider Confidentiality".  “Strider Confidentiality” or "Strider Confidential" requires that not more than 10% of any information given, shared, or provided, may be discussed with other parties outside of the classroom or learning experience.  In addition, these parties are limited to women and public safety officials.  The information contained in this course and via other learning modules and systems is meant for your personal safety use only.  In addition, you agree not to teach any of the Close Call tactics or ideas expressed within unless you have been certified by the Close Call Academy™.  You agree and acknowledge that the strategies, techniques, and ideas discussed are for reducing risk of violence to you and those you care about, but cannot in all cases prevent injury or death.  By purchasing this course, you agree not to seek any financial damages from Close Call Academy™, Strider SFV Lab™, Strider Safety Operations™, or the personnel representing these safety organizations relating to violent, criminal or dangerous situations you may encounter or experience.  Every violent situation is unique and only you can decide what to do or not do based on the totality of the situation, which of course, by its nature, cannot cover every single possible variance. You further agree that you will not write to or speak to the media as a representative of any of the tactics, ideas or organizations referred to herein.  If you interact with the media in any way (including social media) you will acknowledge the extent of your personal knowledge and experience (e.g. "a student with 6 hours of training") and provide a link to the academy or relevant organization.  You further agree that you will not claim to be an expert on any of the safety methods discussed in the course. You further agree that you are not doing research either independently or as an agent or representative of another firm or individual. The material in this course is copyrighted and in some cases, confidential to purchasers, therefore, substantial damage will be done to the company if you take the course in order to utilize, share, or transfer the information for the development of a competitive course, book, program or any media for commercial or non-profit uses.

Empowering smart women to take charge of their personal safety. -CCA Motto